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“the inception of creativity”

flotsam… jetsam… fuczm…

the sh*t in my head


WTF is fuczm?

A window into creativity

fuczm, “the inception of creativity,” is a word and an idea that has played in my head for nearly 20 years. As an artist who draws, paints, writes, produces, directs, and edits film and all that goes with that, ideas never stop, and yet I’ve had to wonder many times what would happen if they did? Who would I be? Where do the ideas come from? And how could I get them back if one morning I woke up and they failed me?

A scary thought… would I still be me?

These pages are meant to be a window not only to my work, but into the process of creative thought itself. I hope you find some entertainment and maybe even some inspiration.

Artists create their own worlds — make them great!

"the inception of creativity"

WTF will you find on these fuczm pages?

Honestly, who knows? These blog posts, or “fuczms,” sometimes no more than incomplete thoughts or the rantings of an artist (aka a creative madman), are meant to keep me on track, let me make sense of my journey, and are shared with all to both entertain and to let other artists, of every possible medium, know they are not alone in the fumbling toward meaning and relevance – even if just between ourselves.


— William Kely McClung



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A note of thanks

These cards were inspired by the book, LOOP. What is written in the book is infinitely more terrifying, but these were fun to create. They were originally modeled in Z-Brush by German artist Heiko van der Sherm, before I modified, textured and painted them in Photoshop and Painter. Lots of details that refer back to the book. Not exactly ‘cute,’ but I hope in their own creepy way, they make you smile. The printed version found on the store are much higher resolution, so take a look!

A note of thanks

LOOP logo

If you’ve read the hook, I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did in researching, writing and creating it. If you are just now discovering LOOP, you have so much still in front of you! Some terrific, badass characters, outrageous thought-provoking situations, lots of vivid action, unique bad guys and monsters, and some disturbing, creepy passages (literally as part of the story takes place underground in the tunnels of Mazeville!) LOOP has been a labor of love these past two years and the result of my love of telling stories — creating, learning, and sharing. If you like it, please pass it on, and if you get the chance to leave a review where you bought it, it would mean the world to me and the continued success of my writing.

You can share it here and or read on!

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