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What the hell is this book LOOP about?

Science-Fiction Horror Thriller — the labels could go on. Mutants, Artificial Intelligence, Gene manipulation, Military Action Thriller. LOOP is all of these and more. Social commentary, political satire, apocalyptic romance. A love letter to friends who will always remain a part of my film and author journeys.

LOOP began as a short film project, shot over two grueling days north of Chicago, starring Ursula Maria, and produced with my friend, Carmine Perrelli. Cold, dark, underground, 18 hour days, but we got it done. The completed eight-minute short film was accepted in nearly twenty festivals and won best film awards at most of them, including winning the “Adler” (Best Film,) at the Austrian Film Festival in Vienna.

Of course, money for films is always an issue, especially on a short film, and many compromises were made to the story and the original concept. Still, the success was enough that the original story idea stayed with me.

As the feature film “La Loi Du Destin” (The Law of Destiny) I was scheduled to produce and direct in Cameroon, Central Africa, was put on hold because of the worldwide pandemic, I concentrated on my writing.

My writing process is probably a bit different than most. I first rewrote the short script LOOP as a full feature screenplay. Then I buckled down to write it as the novel that’s out now. That, of course, made me go back to tweak the script, which in turn pointed out a few flaws in the manuscript. A bit of back and forth, and I’m thrilled to now share both. LOOP makes my twenty-ninth feature screenplay and my first released novel.

As an artist, I probably agonized over the cover art and the typesetting more than most. Or maybe not. I can only speak for myself, but I’ve put an additional year into the final product before releasing it.

I know I am proud of it and have every intention to put this on screen as close to the written word a possible. I am honored that you’re reading these words now, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the novel, LOOP.

Special Thanks

I appreciate the time you've spent with me on these pages.

Loop Collector Cards

The images on these pages - a set of four Loop Collector cards, are available for purchasei

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The images on these pages - a set of four Loop Collector cards, are available for purchasei

The Explosive Novel of Science-Fiction Horror 
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"I still amazed that every book in the English language is told with a combination of the same 26 letters. There are comparatively few rules in telling a story,
and in a science-fiction, all bets are off!"

— kely

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A note of thanks

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If you’ve read the hook, I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did in researching, writing and creating it. If you are just now discovering LOOP, you have so much still in front of you! Some terrific, badass characters, outrageous thought-provoking situations, lots of vivid action, unique bad guys and monsters, and some disturbing, creepy passages (literally as part of the story takes place underground in the tunnels of Mazeville!) LOOP has been a labor of love these past two years and the result of my love of telling stories — creating, learning, and sharing. If you like it, please pass it on, and if you get the chance to leave a review where you bought it, it would mean the world to me and the continued success of my writing.

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A note of thanks

These cards were inspired by the book, LOOP. What is written in the book is infinitely more terrifying, but these were fun to create. They were originally modeled in Z-Brush by German artist Heiko van der Sherm, before I modified, textured and painted them in Photoshop and Painter. Lots of details that refer back to the book. Not exactly ‘cute,’ but I hope in their own creepy way, they make you smile. The printed version found on the store are much higher resolution, so take a look!

William Kely McClung